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Understand that you are learning a skilled trade. It takes time to learn any skill, and all work here is self-paced. Take your education into your own hands.

Nontraditional Coursework

At the heart of KCC’s Industrial Trades training is the Open Entry, Open Exit style of teaching. This means a few things:

  • Students may register for class at almost any time of the semester as long as they finish by the end of the semester.
  • When students finish coursework, they aren’t required to stay until the end of the semester.
  • There are no set class periods. Students come and go to do coursework according to their schedule during open lab hours, which can be found on our lab schedule.

All coursework is some combination of reading, videos, lab work, and testing, all of which is provided by us digitally or in the Resource Center. There are opportunities to work remotely. Every module has an associated syllabus with instructions on what needs to be done to pass the course.

Once all the work is completed, it must be checked by an instructor. If competency is achieved, the instructor will give the student a passing P grade as well as a small yellow pass slip as hard proof that the course has been completed. Other possible grades include:

  • N for No Credit, which is given if the coursework is unfinished by the end of all deadlines;
  • I for Incomplete, which is only given if the incomplete contract is approved;
  • W for Withdrawal, which is given if the student drops modules during the withdrawal period listed on the lab schedule (the student is still financially responsible for the course).

All of our Industrial Trades training is offered through the RMTC in Battle Creek. Limited offerings are also available at the following locations:

* Availability of these programs depends on enrollment
BACC Coldwater, MI INEL*, INMT*, INT*
Hastings HS Hastings, MI INWE*

As part of Kellogg Community College, all facilities on KCC’s primary North Avenue campus are available to students, including the printing of ID cards, a library, a gym, and the Center for Student Success (CSS). The CSS is a resource available to all KCC students, offering tutoring and assistance in reading, writing, math, disability services and accommodations, and more!

The Bruin Portal

The Bruin Portal is a one stop shop for a variety of student needs. Most importantly, this is where you access your email. The Bruin Portal Login button can be found near the top of every KCC webpage. If you’re a new student, then you’ll need to activate your account first. Once logged in, there are buttons for accessing your KCC email and accessing Moodle.

Note: There is a difference between your k-ID and your KCC email: your email address is <your k-ID> (if your k-ID is k0123456 then your email login will be The Bruin Portal and your Email Inbox will ask for your email address, while KCC computers accept either one.

Also available in the Bruin Portal are Transcript Requests, Student Finance for payments, Graduation Overview (Application for Graduation), and Enrollment Verification.

Center Staff are always willing to help diagnose tech issues, or you can contact the Help Desk.

KCC also uses the Omnilert alert system, which can notify you of unexpected closings, like for snow or other inclement weather. The system is accessible under Student Resources in the Bruin Portal.

Sign up for text alerts through the Bruin Portal, via the Omnilert mobile app, or by texting “kccalert” to 79516.


Registration is required every semester. We recommend that students register with our staff, so we can ensure everything flows smoothly. However, we recognize that some of our students travel to attend, and for these students, instructions on how to register remotely are on our Important Documents page.

In all cases, KCC requires that payment be made within 24 hours of registration, whether that’s financial aid, paying out of pocket, or company sponsorship.

After registering for classes, take your semester schedule to the Resource Room to check if any materials are needed for your modules.

Across from the staff desk in the Resource Center is the time clock. Punch in your k-ID without the “k0”. If it doesn’t beep nor show your name and a checkmark, please speak with staff to ensure your punch is recorded accurately.

Please note that students with incompletes on their record will be unable to register until those incompletes are resolved.

Financial Aid

For federal student loans and most state scholarships, registration in six or more credit hours is required for disbursement.

Students registered in only Industrial Trades modules will be required to earn at least one passing P grade prior to disbursement of their federal student aid, i.e. Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, and Federal Student Loans.

Due to the competency-based curriculum of RMTC units, Incomplete modules from a previous semester must be completed prior to receiving aid for the following semester.

Additional assistance can be found through the many KCC Foundation scholarships. Apply to over 100 scholarships with a single application!

Credit Calculator

This calculator can give you an idea of how many modules you can finish in a semester. Enter in your start date and then either how many credits you want to take or how many hours in a week you'll be able to work on your modules.

This start date is in the current semester, which runs from

2022-08-29 to 2022-12-16

There are weeks left in the semester.