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Kellogg Community College offers dozens of online classes each semester, as well as six associate degree programs that can be completed almost entirely online.

(Some testing and exams must be proctored at a testing location approved by KCC.)

Online degree programs offered at KCC include:

Online degree programs with in-person field requirements include:

Students in each program have the opportunity to complete all coursework entirely online for the duration of the program, with the exception of the fieldwork requirements that are part of the ECE and Human Services programs. Please contact the Education and Human Services Department at 269-565-2109 for more information regarding in-person field experience courses.

Please note: Online classes at KCC are charged an additional fee of $35 per credit hour at registration, but otherwise the costs are the same for students pursing their degree via the online and traditional program tracks.

Also, many students taking an online course at KCC for the first time will have to complete the College’s 15-minute Learning Technologies Readiness Assessment. Please visit our Learning Technologies Readiness page for details.

For information about how to apply to these online programs, contact KCC’s Admissions Office at 269-965-4153 or

Online Classes

In addition to online degree programs, KCC offers dozens of online classes each semester across a wide variety of academic disciplines, including classes that are fully online, hybrid classes (part online and part in the classroom) and web-enhanced traditional classes (typical face-to-face courses with online information).

For a complete list of current and upcoming online classes at KCC, view our Course Catalog and click “Advanced Search” to filter your results by subject and term. Select the relevant modality in the “Location” box to view classes by type of instruction.

All students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for classes, online or otherwise. Schedule an appointment by calling 269-965-4124 or emailing

Michigan Colleges Online

Michigan Colleges Online allows students the opportunity to take classes that aren’t available at their own college for various reasons, while still receiving support services at their convenient “home” college. All credits earned at “Provider Colleges” transfer back to the student’s “Home College.” The Michigan Community College Association created MCO in cooperation with Michigan’s community colleges as a vehicle to provide access to more courses and programs for students.