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The third pillar of Guided Pathways is about helping students stay on their chosen academic pathway.

KCC does this by tracking student progress via student and staff alert systems and by addressing potential barriers to student academic success before they arise.

The Academic Advising Office, in particular, supports and encourages students to explore their interests and create a realistic plan to achieve educational success on the path to reach their personal and career goals.

Students are also supporting on their chosen pathway through a variety of additional College resources:

  • The Center for Student Success, which provides tutoring support, makeup and online testing, disability services and more
  • The Counseling Office, which offers personal and academic counseling services and access to emergency community resources
  • The Financial Aid Office, which facilitates federal student aid, loans, scholarships, VA benefits and additional resources
  • The KCC Foundation, which offers access to scholarships, emergency resources and more
  • The Morris Library, which offers access to open computer labs, study labs and other resources and materials

KCC also offers a Bruins Care concern form through which individuals can report concerning behavior that might impede a student’s academic success.