The purpose of the Threat Assessment and Behavior Intervention Team (TABI) is to promote a safe academic and work environment by supporting early intervention of concerning behaviors; create a culture of reporting; to review cases, address high-risk situations and take appropriate actions; propose and review policies; identify trends in incidents and patterns in campuswide culture and address those as appropriate with a social justice and equity lens; and to keep abreast of best practices and emerging trends in research. 

Charge/Purpose of TABI

  • Establish and maintain early intervention strategies.
  • Provide proper and appropriate behavior intervention and threat assessment. 
  • Evaluate lines of communication among the committee and within the campus to ensure those remain open and fluid.
  • Provide clear and direct communication resources for individuals to express concern. 
  • Provide education with regard to safety, the reporting of concerning behavior and threats and alternative support resources. 
  • Develop strategies that are scalable, flexible, adaptive and able to incorporate a variety of relevant resources. 
  • Build partnerships with departments, organizations and agencies to address potential threats on campus.
  • Scan the national, state and local environments for the latest trends.
  • Review campus data to capture patterns, to identify, measure and monitor trends occurring; and to recommend interventions as necessary to interrupt and redirect those patterns and trends to the appropriate cabinet, council or committee for action.

Incidents reported through the Report an Incident page are reviewed by the TABI team and responded to accordingly.