The Center for Student Success at Kellogg Community College offers a variety of face-to-face and virtual tutoring services for students in Ohm 206 on the North Avenue campus in Battle Creek. Other subjects are available by request.

Instructional assistants are available for one-on-one tutoring appointments Monday through Friday. Please schedule your tutoring session if possible; we also welcome walk-in appointments. For virtual appointments, students will receive virtual meeting information at least one hour before the scheduled appointment through KCC email.

Questions about tutoring may be directed to the Center for Student Success at [email protected] or 269-660-7722 or to Jeff Houldsworth, peer tutoring coordinator, at 269-565-7891 or [email protected].

Tutoring Schedule

Schedule and contacts listed below. If you need additional tutoring, please fill out our tutoring request form and we will connect you with a tutor.

In Person:
M-W 12:15-2:15pm (no tutoring 6/20-22) O-207 Walk-Ins Welcome!
Virtual: T 5:30-7:30pm (meeting access)
Contact: Karla Robinson [email protected]

In Person:
W 2-5pm S-104 Walk-Ins Welcome!
Virtual: W 2-5pm (meeting access)
Contact: Austin Begley [email protected]

In Person:
M/T 1-3pm Walk-Ins Welcome!
Virtual: M/T 1-3pm (meeting access)
Contact: Samantha Sweeney [email protected]

In Person:
M-T 8:30-5pm Walk-Ins Welcome! O-207 Schedule Appointment
Virtual: M-TH 8:30-5pm Schedule Appointment
Contact: [email protected]
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Virtual: M/W 2-4pm (meeting access)
Contact: Bright Egwim [email protected]

In Person:
M-T 8:30-5pm Walk-Ins Welcome! O-207 Schedule Appointment
Virtual: M-T 8:30-5pm Schedule Appointment
Contact: Natalie Hammond [email protected]
Sarah Imus [email protected]

In Person:
TH 7:30am-4:30pm C-103 Schedule Appointment
Virtual: TH 7:30am-4:30pm Schedule Appointment
Contact: Cassidy Schaub [email protected]

In Person:
Available by appointment 
Virtual: Available by appointment 
Contact: Tom Rose [email protected]

Virtual: Available by appointment (meeting access)
Contact: Kimberlee Andrews-Bingham [email protected]

Access through the Bruin Portal

What Is Tutoring?

Tutoring is individualized assistance from a qualified peer or professional who obtained a level of competency in the subject area.

When to Request a Tutor

  • Discuss course concerns with your instructor
  • After following suggestions, request a tutor if you still need help
  • If your instructor recommends tutoring, request a tutor

Tutoring Policy

  • You must be a KCC student
  • You must be currently enrolled in the class you are requesting tutoring for
  • You must have met course prerequisites
  • You must have attended class regularly
  • You must have talked with your instructor (to provide the best assistance, we may also contact your instructor)
  • Weekly tutoring hours may not exceed total credit hours of the course
  • If you miss two tutoring sessions without prior notification, your tutoring will be canceled
  • Behavior problems may result in termination of tutoring services
  • All tutoring MUST take place in a public setting
  • We will do our best to accommodate all requests; it is important to note that not all tutoring is done one-on-one, and that you may also be in a session with more than one student in the same course

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