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The Dental Hygiene Clinic at Kellogg Community College offers excellent oral health services at affordable rates. Serving the needs of our students and community! All services are provided by student dental hygienists and each patient provides a unique learning experience for our students. Because the clinic is first and foremost a learning institution, the provision of these services requires appointments that are two to four hours in length. Multiple appointments can be expected for those patients needing more involved dental hygiene care. In return for longer appointments, the patient receives thorough, comprehensive dental hygiene care for a nominal fee.

Services include: review of medical and dental health history; blood pressure screening; oral cancer screening; oral health instruction; dental charting; periodontal assessment; non-surgical periodontal therapy including scaling and root planning, oral irrigation and chemo-therapeutic agents when needed; oral prophylaxis; fluoride therapies; sealants; nutritional counseling; tobacco cessation program; radiographs; athletic mouth protectors; and referrals for additional care.

Services are limited to dental hygiene and we recommend that all patients see a dentist after they leave our clinic.

View our latest KCC Dental Hygiene Patient Services Brochure, including the Application and Consent to Dental Hygiene Care, for more information.

Please be advised that KCC’s Dental Hygiene Clinic is in compliance with the HIPAA Act of 1996.
To make an appointment, please call 269-565-2008.

Clinic Hours

Patient appointment times vary according to the students’ course schedule. Please call 269-565-2008 for the current appointment times.

Eligibility, Fees and Payments

The Dental Hygiene Clinic offers services to children and adults. There are no income eligibility requirements to receive Dental Hygiene Clinic services. The Clinic DOES NOT ACCEPT MEDICAID OR BILL INSURANCE COMPANIES. Payments in the form of cash, credit card and check are welcome and due at the time of service. Please note there will be a one-time registration fee of $4 for all new patients and former patients who have not received treatment at the clinic for three years or more.

  • Adult Cleaning and Fluoride: $25
  • Child Cleaning and Fluoride (ages 17 and under): $15
  • Sealants (per tooth): $5
  • Athletic Mouth Protectors: $15
  • Custom Fluoride Trays: $15
  • Custom Whitening Trays: $15

Dental X-Rays

  • Individual Films: $2
  • Full Mouth Series: $20
  • Bitewing Series: $8
  • Panograph: $20