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A registration period to sign up for classes is scheduled prior to each semester.

How to Register

Registration is available online through the Bruin Portal or in-person with a photo ID.

Click here for step by step instructions on how to search and register for classes.

Students can register for classes and access personal and/or sensitive information online via the Bruin Portal between 4 a.m. and midnight seven days a week.

The Registrar’s Office hours for in-person registration are:

  • 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, with phone coverage until 6 p.m. 
  • 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fridays, with phone coverage until 5 p.m.

The office can be reached at [email protected] or 269-965-5522.

Registration and Schedule Adjustments

To register for a class, please fill out the Registration Form. You can mail, fax or email us a scanned copy. Be sure to use your KCC email account through the Bruin Portal. This is where your instructors and staff will contact you. You may also take a picture of the form if the entire document is viewable. Please make sure to fill out the forms legibly and to sign all the signature boxes. You may fax it to 269-565-2048 or email it along with picture ID to [email protected].

Note: Students may use an unofficial transcript for proof of meeting course requirements. Transfer courses will not be placed on the student record. To receive credit, an official transcript must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.


A schedule adjustment period is provided for students who have registered and find it necessary to revise their course selections. Schedule adjustments must be made within the time limits established by the College. For information about dropping a course with a refund, see the Tuition Refund Policy. To view course section drop and withdrawal dates, see the class schedule.

Late adding course sections is defined as registering for a course after the first full day of the course section start date. For example, if a course section begins on May 1, registering for the course on May 2 or within that week is considered late adding and will need departmental and faculty permission. Be sure to verify with the Financial Aid Office for coverage using your financial aid.

Schedule Adjustment Form

Late Add/Added Seat

If a course section is full, and has not yet started, students may request an added seat by the department. If the student request is granted, permission will be documented in the system and the student notified to contact the Registrar’s Office immediately. There is a two-day holding period for the process to be completed.   

Students must follow KCC procedures for adding a course section late. Efforts are made to meet student requests, but late-add requests are not guaranteed to be approved. Students are encouraged to work with Academic Advising to schedule courses in advance to avoid the need for schedule adjustments.

Each student is accountable for any missed work. It is at the instructor’s discretion on how attendance is tracked. In some cases, a student may not have the opportunity to submit late work and/or make up missed time.

Students who add after the drop/add refund deadline of a course section will not be able receive a refund. If you drop a course section after the add/drop period, a grade of W (withdraw) will be on your academic transcript. Financial aid sources are not always available for course sections added after the drop/add refund deadline date. If you are looking to have financial aid pay for a late add course section, verify this with the Financial Aid Office prior to registration. Schedule adjustments must be made within the time limits established by the College. 

To add a course section after the start date of the course, the student has a period of one week after the chosen course section to contact the department for late admittance to the course section.

Department email accounts:

The Late Add Process

The student emails the academic department of the course section that they wish to enter.

  1. The department chair has a conversation with the faculty member.
  2. The department chair or designee will contact the student regarding permission to enter, or if the student is denied.   
  3. If it is not possible to add the student, the process ends.
  4. If yes, the department chair or designee has the student contact the Financial Aid Office to ensure the student’s financial aid will cover the cost of the course. If it is too late for the aid to cover the cost, the student may continue the process and pay out of pocket.
  5. Student then contacts the Registrar’s Office to obtain the Late Add Registration Form.
  6. Student completes the Late Add Registration Form and submits it to the Registrar’s Office with a picture ID. This process may be completed via email or in-person.
  7. The Registrar’s Office processes the request and emails the student that they are now registered. Contact can be made in person, via phone or via email.

 The granted permission will expire after two business days.

Course Cancellations

The College reserves the right to cancel courses before, during or at the conclusion of the registration period.

Auditing a Course

You may audit a class for enjoyment, personal exploration, gaining insight into a new subject or for other reasons. Auditing students are expected to participate in the class by attending and completing all assignments. Those who do not wish to complete daily assignments may be required to develop an “audit contract” with the course instructor. Audited courses receive no academic credit and therefore do not apply towards graduation requirements, financial aid eligibility or athletic team eligibility. See the Grade of X (audit) section on our grading system.

A change from audit to credit status must be made before seven-eighths (7/8) of the duration of the course has elapsed. Course requirements must have been completed prior to the request for this change and must have the consent of the instructor.


Withdrawals may be processed for single courses or as a complete withdrawal from the College. You may process withdrawals either via the Bruin Portal or by submitting a withdrawal form to the Registrar’s Office; the Eastern Academic, Fehsenfeld or Grahl centers; or the RMTC office. If you need assistance to withdraw, contact an academic advisor.

Course Withdrawal

You may withdraw from a course after the drop/refund period and prior to seven eighths (7/8) of the duration of the course. Withdrawing will generate a grade of W on your academic record for each course withdrawal. There are no tuition or fees refunded when you withdraw from a course.

Course Withdrawal Form

If you withdraw during the final one-eighth (1/8) of the duration of a course, a grade of F will be entered on your academic record for each course withdrawal. If you stop attending a course and do not formally withdraw, the instructor will assign a final grade based upon progress toward completion of course objectives.

Withdrawal from College

Withdrawal from college is defined as the student’s formal withdrawal from all courses currently in progress.

Any currently enrolled student who is called for military duty shall be dropped from all uncompleted courses without grade and will be granted a refund of all tuition and fees paid upon receipt of a copy of military orders to the Registrar’s Office.