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A high school student who successfully completes an approved high school course with a B or above and successfully completes competencies agreed upon by the articulation committee is eligible to receive credit for the equivalent Kellogg Community College course. All required documentation must be received in the Registrar’s Office within 26 months of high school graduation to be applied.

To receive articulated credit:

  1. The student must complete a Kellogg Community College Application for Admission within 26 months of high school graduation.
  2. The student must have their high school instructor or counselor enter the course information and a final grade on the Request for an Articulated High School Course Form.
  3. The student must have their high school send their articulation form and final high school transcript or career center grade history to the Registrar’s Office at Kellogg Community College.
  4. The student must successfully complete a KCC academic course with a grade of C or above to receive articulated credit. Courses for which a grade of W, I, N or Audit are not considered completed.

The Registrar’s Office will notify the student after course information has been recorded. Credit will be considered as a transfer to Kellogg Community College with no tuition cost for articulated courses.

A KCC academic advisor can advise students as to how the credits earned for articulated courses apply towards meeting graduation requirements.